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Getting Started in VR

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There are many options for VR headsets, but the simplest and cheapest way to get started is to buy the Meta Quest 2.


The product will walk you through the setup process. If you have any issues, folks in the Discord are always willing to help.


Most people are fine with the out-of-the-box comfort, but if you are having comfort issues, or just like to accessorize, here are some recommendations.

AMVR Controller Grips: Allows you to relax your hands while holding the Quest controllers.

Attend a Class in VRChat

Install VRChat on your Oculus Quest 2. You can find it here, or in the Most Popular category of the Oculus store. After starting VRChat, be sure to make a VRChat login, rather than using Oculus login (you can always fix this later if needed).


Here is a good VR Chat beginners guide:


Register as a Student:

Add "DustBunny" as a friend in VRChat, in game or on the web:


Find a class to attend on the Schedule. All classes are beginner friendly. Five minutes before the start of class, request an invite to join DustBunny

Level Up your Immersion with PC VR

PC VR enables higher fidelity graphics and allows you to experience the full diversity of VR Chat Worlds and Avatars.

First, you will need a gaming-grade PC. If you already have a gaming PC check if it is compatible with VR.


If you need a PC, there are many options, but here are some recommendations from reputable brands.



Also feel free to reach out to the VR Dance Academy community of Discord for recommendations.


Once you have a PC, follow this guide to setup your Quest 2 with your PC.


Next, install VR Chat through Steam:

You will need to make a Steam account, but you can use the same VR Chat login.

Enjoy the splendor of PC VR world such as Tree House in the Shade: 

Get VR Legs with Full Body Tracking

Getting your hips and legs tracked in VR is huge leap in immersion.

You will need:

3x Vive trackers

2x Vive base stations

Tracker straps

OVR Advanced Settings (For Play Space Mover)

Here is a simple guide to getting it set up:


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