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Belly Dance

Updated: Jan 6

Welcome to our beginners tribal belly dance class!

This class is perfect for anyone new to belly dance, or for those looking to refresh their basic technique. In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of tribal belly dance, including posture, isolation, and shimmies. We will start with a gentle warm-up to get our bodies ready, followed by a breakdown of the basic movements of tribal belly dance.

Throughout the class, you will learn how to move your body in new and exciting ways, with a focus on strong, grounded movements and fluid transitions. You will also learn how to incorporate arm movements, hip work, and footwork into your dance.

In addition to learning technique, we will also focus on the improvisational and communal aspects of tribal belly dance. We will practice dancing together as a group and developing our own personal style.

This class is open to all levels, and no prior dance experience is necessary. We encourage you to wear comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement, and to bring a water bottle and a positive attitude! Come join us for a fun and empowering introduction to the world of tribal belly dance.

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