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Dance Student Registration

In order to attend our live dance classes please fill out this form and read these rules:

VR Dance Class Rules:​

  • Download VRChat & Create an Account

  • Add DustBunny as a friend in VRChat

  • Classes are for users ages 18+ 

  • Classes are live streamed and recorded by DustBunny. By registering you agree that your voice and avatar may be shared on our social platforms. 

  • Streaming & Recording is not allowed during class.

  • Stream Safe Avatars Only (No Overly Sexualized Models, TOS Friendly Avatars Only) Or else you may be hidden

  • Optimized Avatars or "Good" Rated Avatars Preferred

  • VR, Quest & Full Body VR Users Permitted 

  • If you attend class you must participate

  • Be Respectful to the Instructor & Other Students

  • Please Have Water Nearby

  • Please have a clear play space to avoid injury

  • Before class, please inform Dusty if you:

    • Plan to Stream​

    • Have Medical Issues

    • Under 18 Years Old

    • PC Desktop Only

You can also watch classes live on Twitch!

To attend Beginner Level and Advanced Level Classes 

Please become a ko-fi member!

Which will you use when attending classes in VR?

Thanks for submitting!