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Welcome to my dance academy! I'm Dusty, a passionate dancer with over a decade of experience in various dance styles. Sharing my love for dance, I began teaching belly dance professionally in 2010. I discovered VRChat at the end of 2018 and fell in love with performing and teaching dance in VR.  In January 2022, in response to the pandemic-induced closures of numerous dance studios, and my desire to run my own dance studio, I founded the VR Dance Academy, providing an immersive and welcoming community for dancers to learn and connect in the virtual world. Join me on this exciting journey as we explore VR dance together!

VRDA Founder + Dance Instructor



I'm a programmer, 3D artist, and world creator who walked into my first IRL Salsa class about 4 years ago and instantly fell in love with the community, the culture, and the style. Since then, I've explored IRL Bachata, Argentine Tango, Kizomba, and about 20-30 other styles in VR. Despite distance, latency, and lack of touch, I've found it's possible to translate complex ballroom dancing into a VR form that very closely matches IRL. When not dancing in VR, you'll find me out IRL dancing at ballroom events and I also work with a private ballroom instructor twice a week. You may also notice my name on many of the worlds the VRDA uses.  I've worked hard to make sure the worlds run well on both Quest & PC.  Please let me know if you run into any issues. See you in class!

Latin Ballroom Instructor



Mycana, she/her, is super excited to be a part of the VR Dance Academy team teaching Comedic Movement! She has over 20 years of experience of being a theatre practitioner, including improv and sketch comedy, and has been performing in XR since 2021. With an interest in how comedy translates in the virtual space, she uses both stand alone VR headsets and full body tracking for exploration. Though mainly focused on theatre, she has also been trained in dance with tap, hip hop, and jazz being her favorite styles. Her work in XR has been performed in OnBoardXR 4, the Phoenix Improv Festival, Active Replica’s Constellation Project, FIVARS, and Raindance Film Festival. She has been interviewed at SF Design Week and Raindance Immersive Festival and completed an artist residency at the Open Online Theatre in London.

Jazz + Improv Instructor



Aside from being a goof in VRC, ChocolateWilly (goes by Willy or Chocolate) is a dancer with 20+ years of experience. He started with classical ballet at the age of 5 and has expanded his dance styles to include contemporary/modern, lyrical, tap, and hip hop. Additionally, he has 5+ years of experience as a choreographer and strives to create meaningful pieces that are enjoyable not only for the audience but also for the dancers. Outside of VR he is still a goof, but works in the film industry. He keeps his VRC dancing a secret, but hopes to one day blend his work and hobby. “Anybody wanna make a music video?

Contemporary Instructor


Guest Hip Hop Instructor

Hi I'm Cabu, Breakdancer/Hip Hopper 
I've been breakdancer for 6 years before VR and when I got FBT most of the moves I polished can't really be done in VR, so I picked up a new dance style, Hip Hop, in order to compete against the other pros in VR.
What I like to teach are the fundamentals to beginners as that is the most important for dancers. There won't be fancy choreographies in my class but there will be simplistic, but important moves that are foundational to the dance style. 
After that its up to you, the student, to repeat till mastery. Master the move, modify it, and make it super hype and fancy.



Musical Theater

Hanns has been a musical theater performer for 7 years, with notable roles within musicals such as Spongebob (Spongebob Squarepants: The Broadway Musical), Jean-Michel (Cinderella), Perch Perkins (Spongebob Squarepants: The Broadway Musical), and Ching Ho (Thoroughly Modern Millie). Likewise, Hanns also has notable roles within plays such as Lysander (A Midsummer Night's Dream) and Dr. Rulon Stacey (The Laramie Project). He has studied acting under the great Kate McKnight, singing under the great Drew Tablak and the great Greg Lapp, and dance under Greg Lapp. He is excited to bring the art of musical theater to the VR space. Hanns hopes you enjoy the classes! 

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